Growing Schroon's Community Garden

 Submitted Photo

Submitted Photo

The folks behind Schroon’s Community Garden are seeking donations to improve the site and make it more user friendly. The Garden’s mission statement is to “build strong community bonds through organic gardening and provide a space for education and sharing for all". The group is raising money though the Seed Money fundraising website. More from Campaign Leader Staci O’Donnell:

"The Schroon Lake Community Garden has had several successful growing years.  We have 20 plots that are rented out to residents to grow food for their families and neighbors.  Some gardeners choose to donate their harvest to the local food bank and senior home.  Gardeners have had great success naturally growing tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, kale, eggplant, squash, herbs, and flowers, just to name a few.  We are fortunate that our garden is located directly on Main Street in the heart of our small Adirondack town.  It is a highlight of our community and our members and residents benefit from its bounty and beauty.  Those who come to enjoy our lake and mountains can often be found taking a stroll through our garden.  

Our main goal for next spring is to purchase two compost tumblers for our garden. This would help us to dispose of the plant waste produced and create a great agent to use in our beds.  Our goal would be to educate our gardeners on the how to's and benefits of compost.  We would also open this event to the whole community, as many of our residents have gardens of their own at home.  By adding the composters to our garden we hope to naturally enrich our garden beds and encourage our goal of eco-friendly gardening".    

So far generous donors  have contributed $700. You can read more here.