A Love Note to Schroon

Emily Maisonville, the student council president at Schroon Lake Central School, recently wrote to the Sun Newspaper about what the community of Schroon and the school means to her. From The Sun:

Support from Schroon Lake community unbelievable, unforgettable


DECEMBER 6, 2017

As a senior reflecting on my high school years in the North Country, I have been extremely blessed to grow up in a community whose members embody the relationship of both friend and family by pouring into the lives of the younger generation. 

As a result of your cheerleading for us at sports events, hugs in Tops, newspaper clippings saved and sent to us, generous donations, applause at concerts, and continual support, we feels deeply valued and loved on a personal level by our community. 

Despite not having extended family within a 1,000-mile radius, I have never once lacked for a “grandma” or “grandpa” to be present at any school function or special event. 

Through these seemingly small efforts, I can attest that my high school experience has been greatly enriched, as I know many of my fellow classmates’ have, because you have chosen to play an active role in our lives. 

Whether it’s car washes, bake sales at Stewart’s, or door to door fundraising for our school clubs, your care for us through your donations is so evident and meaningful.

 We saw this so clearly during a recent fundraiser at the Schroon Lake town-wide garage sale, as the girls varsity soccer team walked around in our jerseys with baked goods. So many gave with such generosity, interest, and cheer. 

Whether you purchased a 50-cent melty cupcake, or donated $20 for a water bottle, we were unceasingly amazed by our sweet community’s enthusiasm and support. 

With your donations, we were able to purchase sharp jackets for each member of our soccer team that we now wear with Wildcat pride, but always remembering you — our community members who gladly gave so we could wear them.

As we seniors prepare to embark on our life’s journey, we want to thank all of you who have shown us the way. 

You have modeled the power of care, generosity, and invested interest for us, by simply being this to us. 

As we pursue our dreams, we will always strive to remember that true success in life comes when we give back to others, like you have so kindly done for us. 

I am so blessed to be able to call the North Country home; where genuine and caring people are always found around every corner.

On the behalf of our student body, we say thank you.