Enjoying Your Schroon Spring?

Monday's first day of Spring in Schroon, could not have been lovelier. We were basking in almost 50 degree weather, the blue skies were surreal and it even appeared that mountain of snow outside the Town Hall was at least an inch lower than the day before. Dare we say there was the tiniest hint of summer in the air?

And if there was a sign needed, we surely had discovered it at the Dollar General, aka, The Schroon Lake Shopping Mall. On display at the end of  an aisle was the tantalizing allure of summer right there: this year's newly unveiled fashion forward flip flop display.


But lest we all get ahead of ourselves, here from the National Weather Service Tuesday afternoon, came this warning of an "arctic blast." From NOAA:

An arctic cold front will bring snow showers and localized snow squalls between 10 pm and 2 am tonight. Visibilities will briefly
drop to a half mile or less in spots. While accumulations will be minimal (a dusting to 2 inches), a rapid drop in temperature will
result in some icy spots on roadways. This may yield localized hazardous travel conditions overnight.

Stay warm kids, there's more snow on the way.