Schroon Lake Ice Fishing Derby Saturday Update

Despite a storm of outrage on many social media and main stream media platforms, suggesting the annual Fish and Game Club Ice Fishing derby be cancelled, as of Saturday morning, a handful of folks were on the ice near town.

Large sections of the shoreline were pools of open water just days ago, and finding safe access points to get on the ice is one of many safety concerns.

Saturday morning, at around 7:30am, there were several groups getting on the ice via the access road which runs through the old Woods property at the North end of the lake. Several trucks were parked on a town road, referred to as a paper road.

Meanwhile,  at the town dock area, where there was a large pool of water less than 24 hours ago, it was a ghost town. Officials are urging everyone to be safe and exercise extreme caution on the ice.

The fish and game club posted the following on its Facebook page Thursday, according to this report in the Post-Star Friday:

Due to unusual weather conditions, some fisherman have expressed concern that there may be unsafe conditions on the lake. They have specific concerns regarding shoreline access to the lake ice.

The Fish and Game Club has been unable to conduct a survey of the specific ice thickness on Schroon Lake, and cautions all participants to use their own discretion and take all necessary safety precautions. This is especially true along the shoreline and near the inlets and outlets of the lake.

-The Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club