Schroon’s Paradox Beer Makes National News

CNBC host Joe Kernen surprises financial guru Jim Cramer with a throwback memory of Camp Paradox in the Adirondacks, and an offer of some Paradox Beer, from the Schroon Lake Brewery on Squawk Box, on the Friday, April 28th edition of the show.

Viewers turning into CNBC’s Squawk Box today got a little bit of history on Paradox Lake, The Adirondacks and Schroon’s own Paradox Brewery.

It all came about when host Joe Kernen asked financial guru Jim Cramer if he went to camp  Paradox or knew what a Paradox was.

Jim replied that yes he knew. It was a camp he used to go to as a kid in the summer on Paradox Lake in the Adirondacks.  “Wow, that’s harking back,” Jim said, totally floored by the out of the blue question. 

Joe: “How many years did you go there?

Jim: “I went for about five years, that’s where I became a 46er.”

Next came Paradox Brewery’s shining moment under the bright lights on the set.

Joe: “You ever had any Paradox Beer?”

Jim: “No".

Joe: “I have some for you”.

Where Joe got the beer from is a bit of a mystery. Schroon Laker has learned that Joe incorrectly identified the beer source as one of Jim’s fellow campers.  But other than that, the true identity of who got the beer to Joe remains a secret. The exchange starts about 55 seconds into the above video clip.

Jim seemed thrilled by the prospect of tasting the beer and told Joe they would drink it at Jim’s restaurant in Brooklyn, Bar San Miguel, on Cinco de Mayo.

Congrats to Paul and Joan Mrocka, and the all of the gang at Paradox on this momentous occasion. For history buffs:  Camp Paradox was a boys camp until the late 1950s to early 1960s and then closed briefly. It reopened for one year, serving boys and girls, and then closed permanently.

Where and When: Current Brewery Hours: Friday 3-7, Saturday 12-6, Sunday 12-4.  154 State Rtoue 9,, Schroon Lake, New York. Call (518) 351-5036 @paradoxbrewery