Countdown to Monday Night Acoustic Boathouse Band Jams


In a little under two weeks, the sweet sounds of bluegrass, country and a little bit of everything else will soon be echoing around Schroon's Boathouse.

it's the return of that Monday evening tradition, which runs from June 12th to early October from 7 PM to 10 PM.

More from the Schroon Lake Arts Council, sponsors of this event;

"We meet at the Boathouse Theater on Dock St.  All are welcome to bring an unamplified acoustic instrument and join a group of local amateur musicians who take turns playing their favorite tunes…with a little help from their friends sometimes.

Folks who just love to listen to a variety of good music are welcome to attend (FOR FREE) and enjoy the talents of those playing. Bring your coffee and ice cream cone from STEWARTS up the street and stay for as long as you'd like to enjoy the music".

If you are into music -- on any level --  the council is seeking volunteers, to help in ticket taking, being audience greeters and placing concert notices around town. Helping us on show nights gets you a FREE ADMISSION to that show. Call the SLAC for more information at 518-532-9259.