Take A Spin with Schroon’s RockN'Cycle Fitness Cycling

A couple of years back Schroon welcomed Wendy Ryan and her Schroon Spin classes. The business took off and added extra classes and instructors, including Wendy’s husband Mike.

Now the business is expanding, with new spin bikes and more classes. And there’s a new name to go along with the new enterprise: RockN'CycleTM Fitness Cycling!  

From Wendy: “Some folks have asked why the new branding.  Although classes are like SPINR or SpinningR classes and participants ride SpinnerR bikes in class, with RockN'Cycle classes the music is KEY!  All of our instructors lead classes WITH the music - music that participants love - so participants ENJOY their workout.  We've been told that our classes are "like a party while you sweat!"  If folks love their workout ... they'll stick with it ... that's the key to getting in shape or staying in shape”.

During the warm months the classes take place in a beautiful setting overlooking Schroon Lake  -- a great incentive for further encouragement to get or stay in shape.   Check out their new website here, where you can find class times, and follow Wendy here on Facebook.