Hello Open Mic, Hasta La Vista Nacho Noche Night

Schroon welcomes back an old amigo and says goodbye to a Thursday night tradition.

It’s see you in September time, to the Adirondack Famous Nacho Noche  Night at Sticks and Stone’s, as this popular fiesta of south of the border favorites calls it quits until The fall. So why not celebrate Cinco de Mayo early!

And let’s all give a warm welcome to Mark Piper and the Open Mic Night at Witherbee’s Carriage House. Mark and his wife Sharon have enjoyed some well earned R and R, getting all jazzed for this summer. Woot Woot!


The folks who run this Schroon Lake roadhouse are back after a few weeks off, just in time for the return of the Snow Birds and second homeowners, who are here for another season. What are you looking forward to this 2017 in Schroon? Tell us in comments.