Schroon’s Vine and Barley:  New Retro Treats For The Summer

When the Morningstar Bistro closed its doors a few years back, foodies mourned losing one of the restaurant’s signature items: the amazing crepes prepared by owner Miriam.

But now Vine and Barley, the hip new bistro above the Towne store, is filling in the void, thanks to owner Patty Mehm. And they are available starting this weekend! So what made Patti decide to bring back the crepes?

“It was a staple in Schroon Lake that was missed by a lot of people and it was a market that needed to be filled. And Miriam at Morningstar was gracious enough to give us her recipe and train us so they're pretty authentic,” Patti told us.

“We have nine different offerings, both sweet and savory. From traditional Nutella to bananas and Nutella, strawberries, we have an apple pie, we have s'mores.. And then on the savory side we used a lot of our wine cheeses. And then we also offer turkey maple bacon cheddar. Ham and Swiss, and salami ham provolone”.

Woot, woot! And there are new drinks this year.

“We have delicious mojitos, both traditional and fresh strawberry. Made with fresh mint and they're quite yummy for summer refreshing. And we have spiked lemonades. Traditional and also strawberry".

And of course the ever popular wine slushies are back! "We're actually getting a double capacity machine. There'll be our favorite flavors and we're probably also going to offer with our rum that we're allowed to serve now. A strawberry daiquiri and a margarita that is in our smaller machine. So we'll have four different frozen slushies every day".

Vine and Barley, above the Towne Store. Open for lunch,  Monday through Thursday from 12 noon  - 8pm. Saturday, noon to 9 pm. nine. Sunday its 11am  - 6pm.  You just have to be seated by closing hours, and you can stay as long as you need.