Cyclists and Chickens: The Schroon lake Connection

Schroon Lake will soon be welcoming around two hundred cyclists as part of Cycle Adirondacks 2017. This annual ride, which includes a stop in Schroon for the first time, encourages participants and folks in the towns on the ride, to contribute to a program that will benefit the community.

And the Schroon Lake Central School has an awesome project, looking for funding: A Farm to Table program. Here’s more about the project from Adirondack Gives and the Schroon Lake Central School:

"The goal of this new agricultural program is to help students understand where their food comes from and how they can use the Earth to become self-sufficient and responsible consumers.

The centerpiece of our Farm to Table program will be the construction of a chicken coop, not far from our playground and the future camping site of Cycle Adirondacks.

Our new coop will be used as a study lab for raising and understanding livestock.  Along with the other facets of our Farm to Table program such the construction of raised garden beds and the implementation of a composting system, we hope to instill and teach a lifelong passion for gardening and farming, and responsible use of the land".

As of this writing, half of the $2,000 needed has been raised. We encourage you to give if you can, by visiting their website, right here.