Rainy Day Ideas For Schroon Lakers


As our area gets a dose  of what we like to call "Liquid Sunshine" here in the 'Dacks, we've got some ideas to keep the kids (and you) busy!

All it requires is a trip downtown to the Schroon Lake Towne Store and Pinecone Mercantile.

There are some awesome vintage puzzles at Pinecone Mercantile and for the adults a terrific selection of hand curated cookbooks.

(Get inspired for dinner tonight!) 

Check out the ton of cool fun toys, gizmos, activities, puzzles, and books at the Towne Store. The Towne Store features one of the best collections of new books on all things Adirondack: from fiction, historical fiction and non fiction.

There's loads of kids’ books at the library. And don’t forget Schroon’s Secret Candy store inside the Schroon Pharmacy.

For more ideas check out the following blog post From Rock It Like  Mom: Julia’s 45 indoor kids’ activities. 

A trip to the Schroon Lake Shopping Mall, aka The Dollar General, will provide all of the materials you will need

Got an idea to share? Let us know in comments.