Huge, Gigantic and Enormous Gokey’s Auction Saturday



Almost 300 early lookers came out Friday to preview Saturday’s Gokey's auction in North Hudson. And what auctioneer John Gokey describes, as "one of the biggest auctions” in his company's history, almost 1000 lots will go on to the hammer tomorrow (Saturday, August 19).

“This is some of the finest furniture and decor we have seen here,” John told Schroon Laker today.

“We are all hyped up for a big day. A lot of work has gone into getting this auction ready, and boy are we ready.”

Among the highlight: several fine Adirondack estates, as well as the contents of an entire fishing tackle store from Bolton Landing. "We have about 200 trays made up of bulk lots. There is an amazing array and variety of items up for grabs”. The inventory from the fishing tackle store totals around $24,000 wholesale.

Among today's lookers were many from retail outlets, as well as the casual browser.

"A lot of the dealers get here early to check out what we've got.”  John said.

The preview starts at 8:30 AM with registration to follow soon after." It is gonna be a long day tomorrow so folks should get here early. Everything is under tents, so if there is no worries if the weather is iffy. Below are the top five suggestions John recommends for both veteran and first timers.

1, Get there early and register.

2. Pay attention. Know what the buyer’s premium is.

3. Do not try bidding after a lot is sold.

4. Know what you are bidding on.

5. Bid, only of you mean it.

John and his wife Jean and crew run a tight ship. And if this is your first auction, you are in for a treat: JohnGokey is one of the finest around. Click here for all of the information.