10 Years Young: The Lance Gregson 1-Eye Classic 

 A scene from the 2015 Ride.

A scene from the 2015 Ride.

Hard to believe, but the upcoming annual Lance Gregson 1-Eye Classic celebrates 10 years of celebrating life on a bike!

The classic features various cycling rides and very fun picnic. Save the date: Sunday, Sept. 18. The action starts and ends at Schroon’s Town Park and Beach.

The event is meant to encourage cyclists to get to know each other and have a good time while riding with friends, so there is no formal registration. That morning just sign a waiver, meet some other happy cyclists, grab a map and get on yer bike!

After the ride, there is a potluck picnic, awesome music and a chance to win some cool prizes in various raffles.

There are routes of 3 miles, 10-15 miles, and 26 miles and 45 miles that are titled Easy Does It, Scenic Route, Lance’s Loop, and Cyclist’s Dream. Click here, for more details.