Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Features Carnivores*


Like winter? Like festivals? Like to party? Then head to Saranac Lake from February 1 to Feb 10, 2019.

This fun packed 10-day festival includes the famous Ice Palace, sports, performances, TWO parades, and THREE sets of spectacular fireworks This year's carnival theme is "Prehistoric Park!" For more information, click here.

From the Organizers:

The Ice Palace is free, lit-up at night and open 24/7. Most of our events are free as well. View our schedule at the following link to see which events are free and which have an asterisk* that have a fee: The schedule will be updated up to and during carnival. Please follow our Saranac Lake Winter Carnival Facebook page for updates on this event, including the Ice Palace which remains open through carnival and after carnival as long as weather allows it to be safe.

*Paleontologists theorize that fast-running meat-eaters, such as "Velociraptor," attacked and killed dinosaurs, then ate them. While others, like the infamous "Tyrannosaurus rex," were likely scavengers, feeding on animals that had been killed by other dinosaurs or had died from natural causes.

For the ultimate in dinosaur length though, a vegetarian diet prevailed. Herbivorous sauropods dwarfed carnivorous theropod dinosaurs, and most scientists think Argentinasaurus was the longest of all dinosaurs.