Let’s Hope the Future of Schroon's Tops Doesn’t Hit Bottom

Graphic Courtesy ABC News10

Graphic Courtesy ABC News10

The New York Times today takes on the story of Tops filing bankruptcy and the possibility of store closings. They single out the Adirondacks, with a mention of Chestertown, and how it is struggling with the arrival of the Dollar General. From the NYT story:

Tight on cash, the grocery chain has faced tough competition, even in more remote markets like Chestertown, a community of about 700 people in the Adirondacks.

Many residents said they drove 35 miles to shop for food at Walmart on the weekends but shopped at Tops, often paying higher prices, during the week because it was close to home.

But Tops’s virtual monopoly in the town ended in August 2016 when Dollar General — a national discounting chain — opened a store in Chestertown. The Dollar General doesn’t sell much fresh produce or meat, but it is siphoning off Tops customers with huge deals on other staples.

At $2.80, a gallon of whole milk at Dollar General costs about the same as a half-gallon at Tops.

Alex Colpas, 27, who works at a marina on a local lake, said he rarely shopped at Tops any longer because of the deals at Dollar General.

“You don’t even need a grocery store, frankly, if you can find a better way to shop,” Mr. Colpas said. “It’s a relic.”

ABC New 10 filed a report late February mentioning both the Schroon Lake and North Creek Tops Stores.