Schroon School Safety: Please Watch

Kimberly A. Dumoulin shared Schroon Lake Central School's live video.

Yesterday at 12:03pm

"To all Parents, grandparents, relatives of SLCS students and community members of Schroon Lake:

My husband Rick recently attended the SLCS board meeting on 3/22/2018. He brought up security related issues of our school. In light of recent events that have taken place nationally, topics were discussed including the possibility of having the students and faculty protected by some form of armed personnel. Below you will find the video of the board meeting( start watching at about the 50min mark) at which this was discussed towards the end of the meeting. Superintendent Grato mentioned that he is planning a security assessment to be completed in the near future. This assessment will be discussed at a future board meeting.
As you listen to the video things such as cost were highlighted. I/we as a parent of a child in this school will leave you with this final thought.....
You will hear..." it's too expensive to implement this" I say.....
Can we afford to NOT do this. Perhaps we need to look at the school budget through a different lens and re-adjust some of the spending to make this a priority. Let us not be a naive community and say this cannot happen here. These are our kids...yours, mine...ours!"