Make it Your Mission To Checkout Pine Cone Provisions

The shelves, fridges and coolers are bursting at the seems with a fresh load of locally sourced produce at Main Street’s newest foodie destination.

- Arugula
- Baby Kale
- Pea Shoots
- Swiss Chard
- Cucumbers
- Scallions
- Baby Beets
- Radishes (French Breakfast and Red)
- Oyster Mushrooms
- Cilantro
- Parsley
- Organic Eggs
There;s also
- Free-Graze Chicken from Flatlander Farm
- Beef (steaks/ ground) from North Country Creamery
- Pork (chops/ bacon/ sweet sausage) from Juniper Hill Farm
- Black Bean Burgers & Falafel Burgers from VermontT Bean Crafters.

Doors open at 10am!