Getting Connected With You


Want to take your relaxing Schroon vacation up another notch? We highly recommend a visit to True North Yoga, where you’ll find a selection of yoga classes and styles with several local yoga teachers. No need to be intimidated — all levels of experience are welcomed and you’ll also enjoy a variety of yoga workshops, wellness offerings, and monthly community events.

From Founder Debbie Philp:

True North Yoga’s mission is to reflect the resilient, healing spirit of the Adirondacks in a peaceful space for yoga, holistic practices, and community connection. We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere where any individual, regardless of physical condition or circumstances, can participate in empowering and transformational Hatha yoga classes and wellness practices to nurture a healthy body, calm mind, and peaceful spirit. When you unroll your yoga mat at True North Yoga, you become part of a diverse and supportive Adirondack community.

Check our True North's schedule, by clicking here.