Batman In Schroon Lake

Multiple sightings of the Caped Crusader Around Town  


Our spies tell us that the one and only caped crusader - sans mask - but sporting a beard, was spotted around town this past weekend.

Schroon’s Batman does things a little differently: Robin has been replaced by three different sidekicks, ventriloquist dolls including Carmen, pictured above.

Batman does indeed drive a Batmobile, a modified black Ford Mustang, complete with Batman logos on the hub caps.

When Batman visits Schroon his usual MO is the following: a quick pit stop on Friday night at the Jersey Tasting room of Paradox Brewery, where one of the dolls comes out, telling a few bawdy jokes.

On Saturday he’s out patrolling Main Street before a couple of sets showing off his ventriloquism skills at Timberwolf’s Karaoke night.

Schroon Laker has learned that Batman does have an Alfred, who goes by the nom de plume, Jack.

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