Schroon Lake Dog of The Week: Daphne

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From The Hale Family:

“Attached are a few pictures of our “prized pup”. She goes by the name “Daphne” which we shortened from Daffodil. We chose that name because we lost our 13 year old yellow lab in 2017 named Daisy and wanted to give her a name after another flower. She is a high energy Springer Spaniel who just recently turned two years old. Unfortunately, we are not full time residents of the lake yet. However, Daphne always knows where we are going when we throw a backpack or duffle bag into the car.

Screen Shot 2019-09-02 at 11.19.01 AM.png

She is an anxious copilot on the journey up I-87 to our retreat on East Shore. She loves a boat ride and is very curious of all the fish our 10 year old son reels in. Some of the joggers or bikers may recognize her as they pass by our place on East Shore. She may sound ferocious. However, she is far from it! Let’s just say she’s one of those dogs who can’t control her licker! Cheers!”

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