ADK Marathon: Off To A Fresh Facebook Start

The face, behind the new Facebook page is non-other than Anna Bentley Hay, a whirlwind, power house of energy, who not only runs a farm and raises kids, but is also trying to introduce as many folks as possible to Zumba.

“Anna is amazing, she’s absolutely right for this,” Race Director Joel Friedman told Schroon Laker today.

Anna will now be in charge of all social media.

Anna says she and her husband Dan recently ran into Joel and told him she wanted to be more involved with the marathon.

“While talking to him I had the brainstorm of increasing the social media for the marathon. I asked him if he would be ok with me taking. He then turned to Bill Tribou and asked his thoughts and they both thought it would be a good direction to go in”.

Anna’s goal is to post five to seven times a week with “fun, inspirational, informative, and/or healthy living posts.”

Early this afternoon two folks had signed up for the marathon: runners from New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Joel says he hopes to announce a couple of new enhancements to the race later this year: one which would be of interest to “hard core” runners and the other with benefits to the Town of Schroon.

Congrats to Anna on her new gig and if you are interested in running the most beautiful 26.6 miles of your life, what are you waiting for. Sign up here.