Schroon's Wash Days: Scrubbing Up on The Past


If you have kids who have no idea what a clothes line is — then the chances they know about how wash was done “in the olden days” are slim to none. But they can learn a fun little history lesson next Thursday, August 8th, 2019.

That’s when the Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society holds their "Wash Days" program, at the museum, a hands-on program for children to learn how to wash laundry the old fashion way.

From the Society:

“They will haul water to the wash tub, use a bar of soap and a scrub board to wash some good ole' fashion laundry including some fun long johns, use the hand ringer to remove excess water, and then wonder over to hang up laundry on an old fashion clothes line. The event runs from 9:30am -11:30am @ The Schroon North Hudson Historical Society. Free and open to the public! This program is possible with a generous grant from the Stewart's Holiday Matching Grant program!”