Guidelines And Rules for the Schroon Lake Community Gardens

By Sharon Piper

Mission: The Schroon Lake Community Garden seeks to build strong community bonds through organic gardening. We seek to provide a space for education, sharing and food production for all residents wishing to participate. We encourage volunteer participation and support of local food charities.

WE GARDEN in an ECO-FRIENDLY WAY.  NO pesticides, NO herbicides, NO weedkillers, NO artificial fertilizers.

The Garden will contain both collective areas and individual plots.

Plots are available to individuals, families and organizations for a $15 rental fee.

Proceeds from plot rental will support the garden directly through soil enrichment, seed and tool purchases and communication.

No permanent structures may be added to the property

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the garden

To create a safe and relaxing environment, please refrain from smoking or playing loud music.

No auto watering systems or drip irrigation allowed and Gardeners must be present in the gardens while watering. 

During the garden season (May through September) gardeners must maintain their plot with activities to include tilling, soil amendments, cultivating, weeding, fertilizing and watering etc

Garden plots are to be used for growing flowers and vegetable for personal or charitable use only. Commercial growing or growing trees is not allowed.

Please be considerate of your neighbors when growing tall plants as they can impact the amount of sun on someone else’s plot

All perennial plant material and semi-permanent structures (such as cages and trellises) must be removed at the end of the growing season 

Gardeners are responsible for disposing of any unwanted  plant materials and non-plant materials as well. The Town will not pick up any trash of any kind.

Since plots are close together, please keep plot borders free of weeds, vines or other plant material which could spoil the enjoyment of neighboring plots. 

Plants of an invasive nature are not allowed in the ground.  Plants such as mint (very invasive) must be well-contained in a pot or planter. Plants on the state’s noxious weed list  are not allowed.

Closely supervise your children. Picking a bouquet for Mommy out of someone else’s plot is not OK.

Removal of vegetables, flowers, or garden equipment without the owner’s consent is theft, the same as any other theft. Please respect other’s garden plots.

When you no longer want your plot, you must notify the Chamber. You can download a PDF of these rules and guidlines here