Hot Compost

That steaming pile of compost in your backyard could be a fire hazard. That was the experience for a homeowner from Tupper Lake over the weekend. From the Associated Press:

Firefighters in Tupper Lake say a compost pile near a deck spontaneously caught fire over the weekend, destroying a house.
Franklin County Fire Investigator John Bashaw tells the Adirondack Daily Enterprise the fire erupted Saturday morning.
Compost piles break down organic material such as grass clippings, leaves and vegetable matter to make garden fertilizer and mulch. Heat is generated by the decomposition process.
Bashaw says the material can ignite when it reaches a certain temperature and he recommends keeping such piles away from structures.
No one was injured in the blaze. You can see a photo of the blaze from the Adirondack Daily Enterprise here.