A Yummy Favorite Returns

After a short winter hiatus, The Morningstar Bistro opens it's doors today at 10 am. Owner Myriam Friedman says during the break she was able to spruce up the restaurant, refinishing the floors and give it an early, deep Spring Cleaning.

"We enjoyed the break. It was the first time we'd taken some time off in the winter," Mryiam told Schroon Laker today. All of the restuarant's yummy crepes, soups and sandwhiches are back, and Myriam says she plans on expanding the menu with occassional specials this year.

One of the new items rolls out this week: a smoke salmon crepe, served with smoked salmon, cream cheese and capers.

'I got the inspiration when I had something similair. I liked it it, so I decidd to give it a try here.

The Morningstar Bistro, 1079 Main Street, Schroon Lake, 12870. 518 532 0707