Rub A Dub Grub

The rub at work on the Batson Grill. A little smoke, a little heat.

For years I had been searching for the perfect rub for grilled meats. Last September, I had that come to grill moment when I stumbled upon Joe Steiniger’s blog post on North Country Rambler.

For the uninitiated, Joe knows a thing or two about barbecue. He is one of the famous lads in the Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club Chicken Crew, responsible for putting the chicken into the Club’s famous Lobster and Chicken bash each September.

It was in that post the Joe revealed the secret to the Chicken Crew’s success: their dry rub. That rub is applied to the birds the night before they hit the grill, giving them that finger lickin’, lips smackin’ good taste. A taste so good that many argue it’s the shining star of the Lobster and Chicken deal. (But that's another blog post entirely).

I have become a devotee of the rub, and have used it on chicken, pork and ribs. I make it for friends.  Joe’s recipe is stunningly simple:

Standard Dry Rub Recipe:

5 parts Kosher salt.

3 parts (each) freshly ground black pepper, light brown sugar, and sweet paprika

1 part (each) dry mustard, onion powder, garlic powder, cumin, cayenne pepper, dried oregano. And you can use whatever measurement you want for “a part”   --  a cup, half cup, or as Joe points out “a hat”.

So I urge you to try it this summer. And when you see Joe around town (he’s everywhere), tell him thanks.

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