There's Something Fishy at the Smokehouse

After a month hiatus -- Mr.P's Mountain Smokehouse and Shelby's Kitchen Therapy -- Schroon's home of incredible barbecue and gluten free treats -- is back open after a month of intense spring cleaning.

And to celebrate the restaurant has two announcements: Their famous smoked salmon (pictured above covered with dill and brown Surat before it gets smoked) will be a permanent fixture on the menu and they are featuring it in a new sandwich.

On a roll (regular or gluten free) will be the smoked salmon, fresh sightly sauted spinach, and a chipotle cream cheese dressing with fresh slices of cucumbers. Each sandwich comes with a side of either their blue cheese coleslaw or fresh cut fries. $10.

The sandwich has everything, but a name.

"We are having a contest to name the sandwich," co-owner Shelby Davis told Schroon Laker. "Once we decide on a winner they will get a free sandwich."

Customers will not only notice a clean restaurant, but a more organized kitchen space and prep area.