Schroon's Best Breakfast Sandwich?


Getting a great start to the day on vacation (or any time of the year) here in Schroon, can give you the energy to power you all day.

And we know of a great breakfast sandwich, designed by food engineers (ok, we made that last part up!) that will supercharged your body, mind and taste buds! So just how did we discover this Bonza Breakfast!

In the summer of 2011, when we started Schroon Laker, many of the first stories were composed over breakfasts at Higher Grounds Coffee Shop.

We were drawn, not only by the free Wi-Fi (an important factor indeed in running a website), but their incredible coffee – another equally important component for a writer.

The more time we spent there, the more we became familiar with their breakfast menu. And in particular, one sandwich, which deserves its name and delivers not only great tastes, but enough protein to power you on for hours.

It’s called the Meat Lovers Breakfast Wrap.

It consists of 4 eggs, onions, peppers, home fried potatoes, sausage, bacon ham and cheese, served overflowing in a wrap.

It’s more than a meal, and covers all of the food groups – and it is simply delicious.

The Higher Ground kitchen crew does all of their egg dishes well, as they do with their pancakes. (Tip: It’s worth the extra 50 cents for real Adirondack maple syrup.)

And if you crave sweetness, there are no less than three French Toast selections: Classic, Caramel and Strawberry Stuffed.

The friendly staff, managed by owner Paul Mieras, knows their way around an espresso machine, and make terrific coffee drinks any which way you want.

If you are in the mood for just a morning or afternoon coffee or tea, Higher Ground has a baked in store selection of pastries, brownies, scones, cookies and crumb cake.

And lest we forget – more than 10 sandwich and Panini selections and fruit smoothies and frappes. They also sell their delicious coffees by the pound.

Got a favorite breakfast sandwich in Schroon?  Or do you make your own?  Tell us about it in our comment section below.

Higher Ground Coffee Shop 7 am  - 3pm. (Next to the Upstate Insurance Agency and the Community Garden)

1072 Main Street (Route 9) (518) 532-9092. (Visa and MasterCard)