A Chicken And A Lobster, Walk Into A Bar

  Picture: Dennis Cooper,  Joe Steiniger,  Dr. Frank Mayle and Bob Gray.

Picture: Dennis Cooper,  Joe Steiniger,  Dr. Frank Mayle and Bob Gray.

It’s that time of the year – when the Kings of the Ocean take on the cluckers from the barnyard!

Or more precisely, the rivalry between the cooking teams at the annual Chicken and Lobster Bake or Lobster and Chicken Bake  – depending which team you are on – this Saturday at the Fish and Game Club.

The good-natured rivalry boils (pun intended) down to this:

The guys who throw the lobsters into boiling water for a few minutes, versus the barbecue masters, who lovingly rub hundreds of chickens, tend the coals for hours and make sure the birds are roasted to perfection. (If you sense a whiff of bias you are right – yours truly has been invited to join the Chefs on “Team Chicken” aka the Bullet Pond Boyz.

For a primer on the rivalry, read our post here, where Chicken Chief Joe Steiniger lays out the history.

And if you are planning on going – you literally only have a few hours to get your tickets: the club has to order an exact number of lobsters and chickens, and the deadline to get yours ends tomorrow (Wednesday) morning.

To grab your ticket call Tracy Hanchett at (518) 532-7953 ASAP!

If you miss the deadline there is plenty of food for sale on the day: hot dogs, burgers, sausages and peppers.

This year the hungry masses will be entertained by the a cappella Doo Wop group Flipsydz  (Flipsides).

So come on out on Saturday – and see The Chicken and Lobster boys and gals in action!

Where and When: Schroon Lake Fish and Game Club, Hoffman Road. Schroon Lake

 The Lobster Crew

The Lobster Crew