There’s A New Beer In Town!

   The Paradox Beer Guys: Vaughn, David and Paul  .   Photo courtesy Paradox Brewery.

The Paradox Beer Guys: Vaughn, David and Paul. Photo courtesy Paradox Brewery.

For the lucky folks who get Columbus Day off as a paid holiday – we are jealous. That’s because Schroon’s own Paradox Brewery will have extended hours this weekend for  lovers of their mighty craft beers.

The action kicks off Friday, from 2pm to 7pm,  Saturday, from  11am  to 6pm, Sunday  12pm  to 4pm  and Columbus Day,  11am  to  4pm.

And if you needed a reason to stop in, we have two – actually three. To celebrate Oktoberfest,  the brewers at Paradox have come up with one kick a** brew: a traditional German Oktoberfest Beer with a malty flavor and a slight hint of German Tettnanger hops.

Some folks claim you will be transported to Bavaria, and feel like you are sitting in a beer hall, listening to Oom-pah music while eating a pretzel! For the microbrew crowd here are the stats: MALTS:  Pilsner, Vienna, Munich. HOPS: Nugget, Tettnanger 
ABV  6.4% IBU 22.

Then there’s the amazing Pumpkin Ale. If you have shied away from flavored brews in the past, have no fear. This is nothing like those cloyingly sweet and OVER-flavored beers that the big breweries churn out each year. This drop is understated, while rich in fall flavors, carefully spiced to reach the right balance. This beer, according to the brewers, “evokes memories of fresh baked pumpkin pie on a cool day”. We agree. ATTENTION GENTLEMEN: We have found the ladies particularly like this drop! The stats: MALTS: Pilsner, Vienna, Munich, & Caramel Munich HOPS: Nugget & Tettenanger

   The Steamer Effingham. Photo courtesy Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society

The Steamer Effingham. Photo courtesy Schroon-North Hudson Historical Society

And then there’s our new favorite beer, The Effingham Steam Lager, named after the steam ship that met its demise burning on Schroon Lake in the 1950s.It’s a very different tasting beer, due to how it’s brewed.

The entire process is very different from the typical brewing method. Founder Paul Mrocka told us “the beer uses regular lager yeast, which is normally brewed cold, but with the steam beer, it is brewed warm”.

As of this writing there should be 8 beers on tap this weekend:  The Fest Beer, Pumpkin, Effingham, Red, Pilsner, Off Trail, Beaver Bite IPA, and the Indian Summer Ale.

So what are you waiting for!