Schroon Lake 2014 Chili Cook-Off Champions


Besides Shelby’s smile, there were those of the winners – among them some very familiar faces.

Sweeping best Meaty and Best Veggie was Patty Christian, from Witherbee’s.  (It was a repeat of Year one of the contest in 2012 . In 2013 she won for best Veggie).

And Ruthie Peterson reclaimed her place as the People’s Choice winner – a trophy she won in the inaugural 2012 contest.

The other winner: Best Chili from an EMS or Rescue Squad, went to Christopher Keller, from the North Hudson, with his Artery Choke Chili Version 2.0.

 Curtis Becraft and Cara Lynne Hall judged and entertained the crowd!

Curtis Becraft and Cara Lynne Hall judged and entertained the crowd!

The event bought together the community and everyone had a great time.  It gave friends  a chance to get out catch up, bought up second home owners and visitors, and as an official stop on the Schroon-North Hudson Poker Run, attracted the sled crowd.

Tara Bradway and Patrick Siler, founders of Schroon’s own ADK Shakes Company, serenaded the crowd with a rousing version of “O Mistress Mine” in full costume!.

Tony Ramirez, from the Schroon EMS, was grateful not only for the funds that will help keep the volunteer organization humming along – but by everyone coming out and throwing their support behind the event.

The 2014 Official Results From the 3rd Annual Schroon Lake Chili Cook-Off

A panel of seven judges determined the winners except the People’s Choice Award.

And now the winners, in a very, tight, taste bud fought test!

People’s Choice

(*Editor’s note – These scores could have been higher as some folks left it too late to vote).

1 – Ruthie Peterson, Chili Con-Fusion, 15 votes

2 – Myriam Friedman, Myriam’s Meatless Chili, 14 votes

3 – Fran Ramirez, Schroon Lake EMS, Great Bowls of Chili, 13 votes

4 – TIE Sticks & Stones Olympic Bobsled Beans and Mountain Lake Services with 10 votes each

Best Meaty Chili (top 10)

1 – Witherbee’s, Witherbee’s Buckboard Chili, 168

2 – TIE Ruthie Peterson, Chili Con-Fusion and Christopher Keller, Artery Choke 2.0, 167

3 – Sticks & Stones, Olympic Bobsled Beans, 164

4 – Tom Beach, After Burner, 163

5 – Mountain Lake Services, Best Meat Chili, 161

6 – The Bullhouse, Sausage & Corn Chili, 153

7 – Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse, Mr. P’s Award Winning Chili, 152

8 – Tom Beach, Beachies Pride, 147

9 – Lizzie Keays, Black Bean Meaty Chili, 142

10 – Travis & Kierstin Moses, Chili Chili Bang Bang, 141

Best Veggie Chili

1 – Witherbee’s, Carriage House Chili, 154

2 – Shelby’s Kitchen Therapy, Black Bea-no meat in this chili, 153

3 – Myriam Friedman, Myriam’s Meatless Chili, 147

4 – Sticks & Stones, Charlie Sheen’s Beans #winning, 145

Best Fire/Rescue Squad  

1 – Christopher Keller, No. Hudson, Artery Choke Chili Version 2.0, 167

2 – Tom Beach, After Burner, 163

3 – Tom Beach, Beachies Pride, 147