Laissez les bons temps rouler

Let the good times roll!

Of the many wonderful taste bud sensations,  Chef Shelby Davis and her partner Chris Palmatier have inflicted on the palates of many in the North Country --  from gluten free treats to smoked salmon and the best blue cheese coleslaw ever  -- potentially the best thing they’ve ever done on the culinary front was the introduction of the Pop Up Restaurant concept.

From Thai, to Indian to Mexican, the Pop Up Restaurant is a wonderful idea – giving Shelby and Chris – and a range of guest chefs – the chance to branch out and tickle the taste buds with cuisines not readily available: unless you want a 90 minute round trip car ride.

And the deadline is fast approaching to sign up for the next foodie adventure: Fat Tuesday. It’s a $15 buffet, BYOB/W/L  at Mr. P's Mountain Smokehouse. It’s this coming Tuesday, March 4, at around 6pm. On the menu is Étouffée, gumbo, jambalaya and  king cake.

You can eat in or get a take-out box, but you must sign up Sunday. You can get all of the details, here.