Yum, Yum: Weekend Restaurant News

First off,  the countdown begins …this coming Thursday,  The Owl at Twilight, in Olmstedville, re-opens for the season. Welcome back Rich & Joanne!!! If you have never eaten at this gem, read all about it on the North Country Rambler blog kept by our dear friend and fellow foodie Joe Steiniger. (Shame on us for not writing about the many great meals we have enjoyed there!!!)

And watch this space shortly for BIG news about the Adirondack General Store!

On Saturday,  Sticks and Stones will be open for business starting at 4pm. They are hosting a private party during their normal lunch hours.

From the comedians from Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse:

“Good Evening from the North Country Center for the Advancement of Porkology. (Those who follow Chief Oliver, you get it, right?) Just a quick reminder...Mr. P's family will be visiting our lovely town tomorrow, so the restaurant will be closed for the weekend. You'll probably see a bunch of us out and about, maybe even partaking in some adult beverages somewhere along Route 9. Or in multiple places along Route 9. Anyway, Memorial Weekend. We'll be back for Friday through Monday Memorial Weekend. Then it's Friday through Sunday through the end of May and mid-June. Somewhere in there, we'll start up with 6 days a week. Back to making the bacon turtles!

  Courtesy Witherbee's Carriage House: Their  Prime Rib

Courtesy Witherbee's Carriage House: Their  Prime Rib

And Witherbee’s Carriage House has announced their North Country famous Prime Rib  will now be available “ALL WEEKEND LONG!”

Other area restaurants are operating on their regular Spring schedule. If you’ve got Food News, or news about area restaurant hours of operation, tell us in comments!