Chipotle Brownies: Why You Should Try These!

If you love the sweetness of chocolate and the heat of chipotle chilies – then  we pretty much will guarantee that you are going to love Chef Shelby’s Chipotle Brownies. We first tried them when Mr. P’s Smokehouse, where the brownies come from, first opened a few years back. And we were totally bummed when  a technology fail – lead to them being taken off the menu. Shelby  lost the recipe when she converted hand-written and word document recipes into an iPad app.

From Shelby: “Something got screwy in the conversion and  the recipe had been messed up since. Threw away a bunch of batches, got busy with other stuff & a bunch of time went by before trying again. Lot of trial  and error (Mr. P & crew love the errors,   which equals lots of "reject" batches for them to eat.”

Now Shelby has a new recipe, which we think is actually better than the first.  So check them  -- and a whole bunch of gluten free sweet treats – at Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse, opposite The Tops Supermarket  near the Strand Theatre.