Chili History

    Chefs Shleby Davis and Chris Palmatier


Chefs Shleby Davis and Chris Palmatier

Now in its fourth year, The Schroon Lake Chili Cook-Off has grown every year, attracting a diverse range of chilis and chefs, from an ever growing list of towns within the Blue Line.

Ever wonder how we got here? We dug deep into the Schroon Laker archives and found this interview from 2012 with did with Organizer Shelby Davis, about how she came up with the idea for the Cook-Off.

“The cook off is the baby of Shelby Davis, from Shelby’s Kitchen Therapy and partner of Chris Palmatier, of Mr. P’s Mountain Smokehouse. The cook off satisfies a couple of “pet projects” Shelby has been wanting to do.

“I have wanted to do a chili cook off for fun, in the winter when it’s nice and cold and nothing to do, and get a bunch of restaurant people, individuals, civic organizations, churches, get everybody together  and bring their chili,” Shelby told Schroon Laker.

“It was one of those things I was wondering if I could put it together? Then one of our very regular customers offered up his gymnasium at Mountainside Chapel. I looked at the space and it’s huge, we probably have space for 30 – to 35 chili cooks.

“And then I started thinking if we are doing a chili cook off,  we are doing it for a good cause, so started thinking ‘chili’ and ‘fire department’  -- that goes hand in hand. So I contacted the Schroon Lake EMS and they took it to their Commissioner and they said absolutely.

For more information email Shelby here  and check out their website here. What’s your favorite chili? Tell us in comments.