Enjoy Paradox Brewery's Gold: But Ya Gotta Wait For It!!!



Paradox Brewery Founders Paul and Joan  Mrocka, and Jenn and Vaughn Clark  -- along with their talented brew master Devon Hamilton  -- are standing tall after their non-barrel aged version of their Black Mountain Baltic Porter struck gold. The win was at the North American Beer Awards last weekend.

Devon tells us the beer was a 10% Porter, fermented cold for about six weeks.

“That beer is now sitting aging in once used Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrels. It’s going to come out of the barrels sometime in December and be available about 2 months later after bottle re-fermentation.” Devon said.

“The competition is a good sized one. Breweries from all over the U.S and a few from Canada sent in bottles to be judged. In 2014 over 1,400 entries were submitted, more in 2015 but they have not put out numbers yet”.

Devon sent the beer to the competition via Fed Ex. 

“They wanted six 12oz bottles for each entry. We entered seven beers : Beaverbite, Underbite , Overbite and Pilsner. From the Off trail series we entered  Belgian Pale Ale, Red Ale and the Black Mountain Baltic Porter

Paradox Founder Paul Mrocka praised Devon.

“He’s an amazing brew master with a tremendous talent for making good beers. He experiments, he takes chances, and the results speak for themselves”.

Paul says Paradox plans on releasing 1000 750ml bottles at the brewery. They will sell for $19.95 each. A sign up sheet is now at their tasting room.

As for the future, this recent win gives the team the incentive to do better. “I'm ready to get another win. It's like: ‘Ok that's great, we did a good job, now on to the next one. How to we get better so we can win two golds’.”