The Root Beer Float That Will Rock Your Boat!

There’s a new beer this summer, which is literally flying off the shelves all over the east coast.

It’s “Not Your Dad’s Root Beer” and Sticks and Stones has come up with a delicious way to consume this throwback to your childhood.

We've tasted chocolate beer and pumpkin beer (no comment) – now there’s  Not Your Father’s Root Beer.

In just a few months, the childhood classic has been given a major adult makeover: from soft drink to alcoholic soda, and it's completely taking over this summer.

Stores can barely keep Not Your Father's Root Beer, in stock. But Schroon’s own Sticks and Stones, has secured a supply and are making delicious Root Beer Floats, just like you remember. (The floats will be around while supplies last!).

And If that’s not your thing, not to worry: S&S has 4 of our favorite Paradox Bews on tap as well.

For background on this phenomenon, we did some research. Surprisingly, it's being cranked out by the king of cheap beer: Pabst. The first batch of Not Your Father's was created back in 2013—when the brew masters at Chicago’s Small Town Brewery combined sassafras bark, vanilla, anise, wintergreen, and a couple other spices in a vat.

Now Pabst is making a nationwide push. Not Your Father's is so well loved that it has received glowing reviews, including one from Beer Advocate, where it was rated at 94 out of 100. And, if New York is any indication of the spiked root beer business, the hard soda will be selling out at liquor stores across the country in no time.