Lil' Nony's: Yum Yum Good!

Wanna own the dream of owning a seasonal bakery biz in the Adirondacks? Lil’ Nony’s is up for sale. Read all about it here. Read two raves reviews of her goodies, here:

“Lil’ Nony's warm smile embraces you comfortably like your grandma did. As you settle into the meal, the waitress eases your nerves with her witty banter, her laugh assuring you that everything's going to be just fine even when times are tough. The Glazed Eggnut sends you into an ocean of pleasure, a shower of dopamine bathing you in honor and glory with each bite. The server brings over a "piggy bun" and shoots a welcoming wink your way as a maple makeover turns your world into a sweet (and savory, let's not forget the bacon!) tycoon of wholesome family fun. A handshake and hug on the way out seal the deal as a single silent tear slides off your chin; words just can't express how grateful you are, but Nony understands nonetheless. Lil Nony's is the Mecca of your hungry pilgrimage and you are Muhammad. Eat at this restaurant".

And from a pancake lover:

"Two words: blackberry pancakes! what a treat it was for a friend and I to have a delicious and inexpensive breakfast after doing a long and arduous hike the day before. and although it was busy with an initial 25-minute wait, the waitress literally sat us in a couple minutes. I helped myself to some coffee, and all was good in the world. they sell these little cinnamon donut balls called misfits placed perfectly next to the coffee, and so we decided why the heck not.

Our food came out in about 15/20 minutes, and everything was delicious. I had never had blackberry pancakes, and I was more than happy to pay a bit extra for them. they were the perfect consistency, not to thin or thick, with hot gooey berries inside, and some whipped cream of course. the home fries were cooked well as they should be, and I just had sunny side up eggs. the hash I'm pretty sure came out of a can, but it complemented the eggs n potatoes nicely. all in all, a perfect country breakfast spot. I will."