Black Rooster Maple: How it All Started!

Folks are loving the goodness from Black Rooster Maple Farms. And for good reason -- these are hand crafted products from a family that cares deeply about what they do.

Here's more Kristy Bassarab, who founded Black Rooster with Kirk and Ryleigh Bassarab..

“We started maple sugaring about 8 years ago with twelve taps in our backyard. That one season is all it took for us to be hooked!

The following year we ordered some Rhode Island Red hens and we noticed one of the chicks looked like a different breed. 

He ended up being a white crested polish rooster. He had some crazy feathers on the top of his head once he grew to full size. The hens started to peck at the crown feathers and were beginning to hurt him. After calling around for suggestions to keep them from doing this, we decided to try something kind of crazy. 

We cut all his feathers as short as possible on his head and wrapped black duct tape around them. This looked like he was permanently wearing an "Abraham Lincoln" top hat. So when you look at our logo, it's a picture of him before the top hat and after. 

Thus came the name Black Rooster Maple. We now have 1,000 taps all on tubing and are continuing to grow our business every year. We have our store right along 9N in Keene. We produce maple syrup, maple candy and maple cream”.