Mt. Severance Store To Reopen!

You could almost hear the collective cheer when news broke last week that the long shuttered Mt. Severance Store is to re-open.

A shout out to reader Andrew Silver,  who sent us the above picture. He's one of many who is delighted at the return of this gem. 

The store will be under the new management of a entrepreneur from Crown Point.  New gas pumps have been installed and the interior is getting a make over.

The store’s reopening will have a big impact on folks living north of downtown Schroon, particularly residents of Severance, North Hudson and Paradox Lake.

Second home own Cliff Kulwin, sums up what there-opening means to folks from Paradox Lake, who lost their own favorite store, three years ago.

"The reopening of the Severance Store is great news for the Paradox community.  Beyond just restoring local shopping options to what they used to be,  it would bring back a local shop that in a sense acted as a community center. 

"Its long-time presence gave a sense of history and rootedness to an area which has already seen so many closings; having it open again will be a real treat.”

More from Tammy Whitty-Brown, Executive Director of the Schroon Lake Area Chamber of Commerce:

The Schroon Lake Chamber of Commerce would like to WELCOME! our newest member: Mt Severance Store. Mt. Severance Store, as many of you know, unexpectedly closed last December which was a huge blow to many as it has been a long-standing icon in our community.

This week we are excited and happy to announce that Mr. Ken Ladeau and his family have announced they will be reopening the store and managing it. The Ladeau family are a local family from the Crown Point region. Mrs. Ladeau is a schoolteacher, and Mr. Ladeau is a entrepreneur owning several other regional businesses.

The Ladeaus' goal is to have the store open in the next two weeks. They will be providing the community with gas, groceries, and a deli. The deli will carry a full line of Boars Head meats where they will offer subs and much more. We look forward to having the Ladeus join our business community and we are all very excited to have the Mt. Severance Store open again. We also want to put a big shout out to our chamber member, Glebus Realty, for working hard to find a new owner/manager for a great historical icon in our community!

What are you most looking forward to seeing/experiencing or eating at the store? Tell us in comments!