Adirondack Story Telling: Right Here In Schroon

Story telling is a rich tradition in the Adirondacks. Not only tall stories, but stories that present a living history of what life was like in these parts years ago. And Merritt Hulst, who has deep roots here, wants to preserve that tradition and keep those stories alive.

That’s why he is behind tonight’s inaugural story telling event at The BoatHouse. Tonight’s topic is What’s Special About Schroon and Jobs of Yesteryear in Schroon. The event goes from 7 pm - to 8:30pm

Merritt and his wife Analise Rigan started this tradition in their home, The Paradox Lake House a couple of years ago.

It grew out of Merritt’s memories of the grand home -- now a B&B -- when he was a boy, when his family hosted refugees from the city in the summer months. The Inn became an informal gathering place for locals – often packed to the rafters at mealtimes.

“It was a real community center, we were always hearing stories,” Merritt told Schroon Laker.

“It’s important to keep those stories alive and they are bought to life when told and others can listen to them, and pass them on”.

So if you’d love to hear some stories, or have one to share, please head over to the Boathouse tonight.

With Schroon’s rich history, there should no shortage of stories to be shared tonight – Merritt and Analise have their own amazing yarn to tell about the Paradox Inn, and how they lovingly bought her back to life. Their account was published in the  June  2015 edition of Adirondack Life magazine, which you can read here  -- or better yet, go hear it from then horse’s mouth.