Haunted Hotels in the Adirondacks

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Looking for a great little read about haunted Adirondack joints?  Special correspondent Jenny Holt, has dug in deep to find these gems in the Adirondacks.

By Jenny Holt

If you enjoy the thrill of haunted locations, then you want to visit the Adirondacks in upstate New York. This is an area that features numerous hotels that are said to have spirits wandering the halls. While you take a tour of some of the hotels, you can usually take pictures, seeing for yourself if you can capture an image or two of the people who have been killed in the rooms or who have died in other ways.

Sagamore Hotel

This is a large hotel located in Bolton Landing. The hotel opened in 1883 and was backed by four millionaires in Philadelphia. Two fires led to the destruction of the hotel, but it was rebuilt in 1930.  The hotel simply couldn't pull together, and it closed in 1981. Now, the building as listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Even though it's closed, it doesn't mean that there aren't spirits who still roam the halls.

There is a middle-aged woman wearing a blue dress who has been seen by some of the people who have stayed in the hotel in the past. A man sometimes walks with the woman while she is in the dining room. There is a story about a little boy who was hit in the head by a golf ball while on the golf course and died, his spirit still wandering around on the course.

Beardslee Castle

This large castle is located in Little Falls. It was built in 1860 as a replica to a castle located in Ireland. There have been several gruesome events that have taken place at the castle while people have stayed there.  A common sight by those who have stayed there is blinding lights from the trees on the property. A young child has been seen walking along the side of the road in front of the castle. Some employees have heard music playing and footsteps on the stairs.

The Big Moose Inn

This is the site of the murder of Grace Brown. She is said to walk the halls of the hotel at night and can be seen walking along the edges of the lake beside the hotel. She was pregnant when she was killed in the early 1900s.

The inn is still open to guests as there are 16 rooms available. Grace was killed because she had an affair with the owner's nephew. He told Grace that he would marry her, but he returned alone after the two went out on a boat on the lake near the inn.