Frontier Town's Most Famous Cowboy Celebrated

By Jennifer St. Pierre

July 23, 2016 was the National Day of the Cowboy. One of our Frontier Town Cowboys was inducted into the hall of fame with the "Ranches, Rodeos and Wranglers Award." Roger Maclauglin received the award this year. The annual event is held in Lake Luzerne NY. The event is put on by Pam Morin to bring special attention to the unique Northeastern "Old West" culture of the area. The Adirondack Hall of Fame inductee is given recognition to those individuals, organizations, businesses and program projects that have contributed and are attributing, education and inspiring others significantly in keeping with the lifelong love for the preservation of our country's western heritage and cowboy culture throughout the Dude Trance, Trail & Rodeo Industry.

Formal Nomination: Honorable Roger C Maclauglin, Steubin, NY. Town Judge. Roger is one of our legendary Frontier Town Cowboys that was there almost at the start. He has carried the roll call of the rest of the original rodeo cowboys including those that have passed on. He was an iconic act during intermissions as well as bareback broncs and bulls. "Stormy Weather" was his act. This can be viewed on YouTube. He clowned and baited bulls. It was while taking a bull off of a fellow contestant that a misstep landed him in the ER with a pelvis broken in two places and a back used as the bulls’ sidewalk that ended his successful run. That has not stopped Roger as he still works with his team of horses today. Roger lost all but one of his buckles in a fire that left them all melted together. His granddaughter Elizabeth said that when her grandfather talks about the old days at the rodeo you can see how much he loved what he did back then! He is well known to the Frontier Town alumni and performed before thousands of people in his time. He is well respected and a true professional.

Roger went as far as any rider could back in the 50's. To list every buckle and championship that he didn't earn would be easier. Roger was listed in the top ten Saddle Bronc Riders in Rodeo Sport News. His run included Bull Riding at Western Canadian Fair in 55', Saddle Bronc Buckle Honesdale, PA and Chillicothe MO in 56', Saddle Bronc Buckle Ft. Dodge IA 57', Roger left Frontier Town in Sept of 57' to go on contests throughout the west including Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, Kansas, Nebraska. The highlights included Ft. Worth and Denver Fat Stock Show and Rodeo. In the off seasons from 55' to 57', Roger rode at Waycross GA, Raleigh NC, and Valdosta GA. In the winters, Roger rode the Florida Trip with J.C. Throope of Indiantown, FL. He also rode at Bonifay, Platka. Kissimi, Okeechobee Homestead. Roger trained and performed with trick horses and a mule act in the late 50's. From 55' to 57' Roger rode at the Painted Pony Ranch Rodeo. A highlight was being tied for points with Don Baxter in 57'. "He just had a better horse." Maclauglin is also on the Wrangler Honor Roll.

Tammy Whitty-Brown and myself were asked to present the award at the 2016 event. Roger was very proud of this recognition and granddaughter Elizabeth said that she received a phone call from him afterwards. She said that he was "ecstatic."