Arty Anne

Anne Gegson with student Deb Philp

Inspiration comes to artists at odd times. Just ask Anne Gregson, who came up with the idea for an 8 week long art class in the Town Park this summer, while taking a yoga class.

"I was laying in yoga class one night, when I was supposed to be focusing on what I was doing when I realized I had all these fun art projects I knew from teaching art for 23 years and I thought, I'd do that in the park that summer, " Anne told Schroon Laker.

Anne got approval from the Town, bought art supplies and started getting the word out.

At last week's art class, Anne was teaching a gathering of locals and holiday makers -- from Massachusetts, Virginia and Pennsylvania -- how to make a mosaic. The classes are not just for kids. The adults were having just as much fun. And I might add that Anne has a wicked sense of humor: think class clown channeled into a zany, creative teacher.

In that class we met a very enthusiastic young artist, Liam Sullivan, who was vacationing here with his grand parents who are year 'round residents.

Liam was making a dog, which Anne suggested needed a little tweak. "It would make those eyes really come alive if they had al little bit of black in them."

Anne's class this Thursday (July 12) will feature Killer Laleidoscopes. Upcoming classes include faux stained glass, fancy pants bookmarks, pivoting paper design, and tantalizing extruded landscapes, made with food, like pasta noodles, coffee and cereall.

Could marshmallows be involved?  "Yes, but they might get eaten," she says with a laugh.

Art In The Park. Every Thursday in July and August. At the top of the park at the Town Beach. Call Anne at 518 532-0275 for more information and to reserve a spot.