All Aboard: The Final Ride For Railroads On Parade Fans

If you haven’t been following the story, here is the whistle stop version: The investor behind Barb and Clark Denham’s venture wants his investment that he has sunk into their Pottersville attraction. The deadline is now. We have covered the story since the beginning, and the New York Times recently got in on the act.

From Barb, who is affectionately known as “The Train Lady.”

"If a miracle doesn't happen and our angelic entity doesn't appear, here's the story: The four original layouts, THE STATION, HELL GATE BRIDGE DISPLAY,THE WORLD'S FAIR and PARK AVENUE & THE SUBWAYS will be offered either individually or as a whole at public auction live and online at noon EST on November 11th on site and on-line by ADAM'S AUCTIONS. They can be contacted by calling 877-566-8751. It's out of our hands, friends.

This weekend, Columbus Day Weekend, due to all your calls, we're definitely opening at 10:00 (instead of noon) on Saturday.

We'll be open from noon (although we'll actually open the doors at least a half hour earlier) on Sunday through to 5:00p.m. On Monday, Columbus Day, we'll be open from 10:00 to 3:00 and expect many of our friends both Train Fans, Railroads On Parade followers and Model Railroaders to be there with us.

Last weekend we had folks who drove from spots as far as Toronto and West Point and Harrisburg just to see us. Our sincere thanks to all of them and to you our loyal Facebook followers. As I said before, if I hear anything positive, I'll let you know".