Railroads on Parade: Back On Track

It looks like the goal to turn Pottersville’s Railroads on Parade into a non-profit and keeping it a local attraction, is back on track.

Owners Clarke and Barb Dunham report that they have raised enough in donations to keep two of their attractions, but need help in securing donations at a grass roots level to save the other two.

From the Dunhams: “WHO SAYS SILENCE IS GOLDEN? We've been so preoccupied with details that we've forgotten to let you all in on the current situation. We've currently raised enough money to secure both the Hell Gate and the Station exhibits, but not the Worlds' Fair or New York City Subways exhibits. We are appealing to our former partner for more time do do that, as there are more interested parties out there who would help secure the exhibits for the short term. That would leave us three months to raise the balance of the 2015 operations money and to complete the Not-for-Profit status. Even if you don't Pray; Pray for us! Your can send your donations here,  7903 State Route 9, Pottersville, NY, 12870  or call (518) 623-0100 for more information