Keeping Schroon In Tip Top Shape: The Future is Our Children

From ESSLA’s Vince Blando:

"A significant element in ESSLA's mission statement is its educational outreach goal.  Our Lake Steward Program is designed to inform boaters on invasive aquatic plants and animals.  Boater safety class offerings are conducted each year.  Our yearly Floating Classroom is a hands on experience for children and parents regarding clean lake practices.  We even held a seminar for Michigan students to guide them on requirements for a healthy lake.  Now we are proud to announce the publication of our children's Activity Book.  Designed to inform an 8 year old to mid-teen group about do's and don'ts of lake management this 28 page publication mixes fun games with information on maintaining the health of a lake. 

You will not be surprised to find this free publication is entitled "Our Healthy Lake".  Authors Gretchen Marcell and Vince Blando encourage parents and their children to visit ESSLA's outdoor tents, at the various lake showings, and to pick up your free copy of the book and talk with our experts. Very soon you can also visit our website,, and click on the children's section to download the book.  If you have a special need regarding children's education, please contact one of our authors (494-2938 or 494-2216) and they will work with you.

We hope you will be challenged by the book's mazes, crosswords, Sudoku, connecting dots, unscrambling words and phrases, origami, finding hidden objects, etc. and reading the Rhyme on the inside of front and back covers.  We also hope you will share that challenge with your children and together, in the process, learn more about the importance of a healthy lake.