A Family Adventure to Remember at Fort Ticonderoga

For a family adventure, that will leave you with lasting memories, you would be remiss if you didn’t pop over the hill to the magnificent Fort Ticonderoga. To get a taste, watch the video above

It’s living history, on the banks of Lake Champlain, which will inspire everyone in your party.The events that occurred at Fort Ti helped shaped our country as we know it. Many historians believe the configuration of the western hemisphere was determined at Fort Ti.

There are immersive experiences galore. One of the mission statements of Fort Ti is that history is best explored through a variety of angles – from documents to military weaponry military clothing and experiencing what life was like in then late 18 and early 1900s.

More from Fort Ti: "Utilizing Fort Ticonderoga’s historic trades program, the new Family Program gives children a hands-on, immersive opportunity to learn about the life of a soldier in New France. They will begin their adventure in the “Officer of the Day Room” where they can make a cocked hat and receive directions on how to proceed to the rest of the posts. Children and adults alike will be able to cut and sew a Canadian tuque and sash, construct a leather slit pouch, receive a ration of split peas, learn how soldiers cleaned and maintained their 18th-century weapons, and so much more! Rewards ranging from a cockade button for your hat to fatigue pay in Canadian Paper Script from New France will be given to participating families. The more tasks you complete, the more rewards you receive!

This program offers children a unique opportunity to work closely with our talented historic trades staff. Spending time with our artificers, working side by side with them, and learning how to work with the materials is an experience that will have a lasting impact on participating individuals. Families will have the opportunity to join together to see what it was like to be a soldier in New France, and take home tangible memories of the experience.

The Family Program and Family Guided Tours are just two ways for families to make the most out of a visit to Fort Ticonderoga. Take a family hike on the Carillon Battlefield Trail and try the Archaeology Quest Scavenger Hunt Game, rent canoes and make use of our Waterways Trail Guide, or pick up a Fort Ticonderoga Family Scavenger Hunt at Guest Services and work together to solve the mysteries behind the history of the Ticonderoga Peninsula. Your adventure awaits!"