The Twig Coat Rack Project

Get more cabin crafty ideas here. To make the above, follow these directions. What you’ll need:

•   2×2 slats of scrap wood or new lumber

•   Nails

•   4 or 5 12–18-inch branches with sturdy twigs coming out

•   Picture hangers

From Cabin Living Magazine:

"Build a 14×26-inch frame using scrap wood or new lumber. Measure the top-to-bottom dimension of the frame and cut the branches to the same length. Secure the branches to the inside of the frame by nailing through the outside of the frame and into the center of each branch with 3-inch nails. Be sure to plan your spacing before you start nailing.

Attach the appropriate picture frame hanger to the back of the frame. You may need two hangers, one on each side, for the best stability. Hang where the indoor/outdoor traffic seems to be greatest".