What Schroon Lake Means To Natalie Kalinowicz

By Natalie Kalinowicz

Friends of ours, also Montrealers, have spent many summers here and finally convinced us to visit for a weekend.

After one weekend in Schroon Lake, I knew I had to return -soon and often! The beauty of the lake surrounded by the lush mountains of the Adirondacks is something that cannot be captured in any one photograph - it must be experienced to appreciate this incredible gift of nature.

From Saturday morning yard sales, where I have met some fascinating people, to boating on the lake, enjoyable community events, local shops and restaurants and their friendly, welcoming staff, the town offers a "joie de vivre" un-paralleled to any other place. For me, Schroon Lake was a blind date that developed into a long-term relationship that I hope continues to flourish

As a Montreal based Belly dance instructor, I have graciously been afforded the unique opportunity to teach workshops here in the summers at Debbie Philps' beautiful TRUE NORTH YOGA studio. What an extra special bonus to have the chance to share my love of Oriental dance with her students! 

The heart and soul of Schroon Lake, I believe, however, is truly its community. One only needs to walk down any street - I am always greeted with a "good morning or afternoon". Unnerving at first to 'big city' people like me, but what a contrast from walking quickly past people, avoiding eye contact and getting to your destination as fast as possible. In Schroon Lake, one can actually "stop and smell the roses" as well as converse with complete strangers who can quickly become acquaintances, and many even friends!

I truly believe that Schroon Lake holds the secret to what many others besides my family search for...a place where you can breathe clean air, be part of a proud, welcoming community, surrounded by spectacular mountains in nature's playground - what else does one really need?